7 Useful Features of Newly Launched Nigerian Twitter Map

So, on October 1st 2017, some good folks at Lagos based digital agency, ID Africa, launched the Nigerian Twitter Map via @SocialMapNG as some sort of Independence Day gift to Africa’s most populous nation.

Now, for those who followed the cryptic poems published in the days leading up to the launch, Nigerian Twitter Map was supposedly created by ‘The Map Maker’, a mysterious figure, who wants to help Nigerians understand and use social media better by identifying the most popular conversations (Topics) and thought leaders (Voices) behind these conversations.

After using the platform, we found a few interesting ways in which Nigerian Twitter Map can be useful, to both old and new Twitter members:

To Battle Boredom & Idleness: When you’re bored at work or home with nothing to do, visit the ‘Gist & Banter’ or ‘Memes & Jokes’ Topics to see some of the funniest Nigerians on Twitter who are constantly putting out original creative materials and LMAO-worthy content.

For Entertainment & Celeb News Updates: If you’re tired of traditional news websites, but are still interested in the stories behind celebrities, TV stars, filmmakers, or general entertainment content, then you should spend time on ‘Nollywood & TV’, ‘Music & Pop culture’ and ‘Arts & Literature’ Topics to keep up with the latest info on your favourite entertainment, art and pop culture interests.

For Wanderlust & Holiday Ideas: For people who don’t get to travel much, either due to financial or time constraints, or if in need of holiday inspiration, the ‘Travel & Adventures’ Topic is surely the place to start from. The best part is that you’re not dealing with travel agents who only want your money. Instead, you’re walking the paths of fellow Nigerians, who are sharing unbiased travel experiences, and can help you reach informed conclusions on places you should visit.

You can also follow the ‘IJGB Twitter’ to see how Nigerians abroad live. Following them can give you a mild picture of what life is like in the cities and countries they are based.

To Find Fashion & Style Tips: When you can’t afford a stylist or just looking for creative fashion and style ideas with a bit of objective commentary and useful insights, then the ‘Fashion & Style’ and ‘Natural Hair’ section will be useful.

You’ll find make-up artists, designers and naturalistas who on a daily basis talk about the things that can also help your own personal fashion/style journey.

For Talent Development & Professional Networking: If you’re a professional in tech, business, design, marketing, media, etc., then you can get access to a whole lot of industry leaders and practitioners who regularly share tips, tools and insights into their industry. Most of them are also highly engaging, and open to networking with others in their industry.

To Discuss Nigeria & National Issues: Do you have some political opinions to share? Looking for people of similar political ideals? Or you’re just in the mood to battle things out with the ‘opposition’ party person? Pro-government, anti-government or just an analyst looking to share thoughts?

The ‘Politics & Government’, ’Security & Crime’, ‘Advocacy & Aluta’ or even the ‘Business & Finance’ Topics have a lot of intelligent, and very passionate Voices who keep the government and politicians on their toes as active citizens, critics, and advocates of beloved parties & politicians.

To Argue Football & Follow Game Highlights: In case you’re missing a live match and need to know everything going on blow-for-blow, then the ‘Football & Other sports’ Topic is for you. Here, you can find knowledgeable analysts, reporters and passionate team fans who you can either argue with (if that’s your thing), celebrate with (if your team wins) or just learn from (if you need facts).

As the Nigerian Twitter Map continues to grow with additional suggestions and input from users via the Contribute section, the listed Topics and Voices will keep increasing. This means there’ll be several more ways in which the platform can serve users and assist them in making better sense of Nigeria and Nigerians on Twitter.