BHM Congratulates Ẹnitan Kẹhinde on Intercontinental Young Changemakers Award

3 min readOct 27, 2022


Ẹnitan Kẹhinde

BlackHouse Media (BHM), Africa’s first global integrated communications company, has congratulated the General Manager and Lead Consultant of its UK operations, Ẹnitan Kẹhinde, who has just been announced as the winner of PRovoke’s Young Changemakers Award in partnership with WE Communications.

An astute professional with over six years of experience, working in the UK and across Africa, Ẹnitan has played integral roles in world-renowned projects that have achieved significant feats.

With initiatives like the World PR Day and Global Day of Influence as well as a successful streak, producing Africa’s only PR Report for four years; PR workbooks and resources, BHM’s Guide to PR, The Concept of Virality, and the sustenance of BHM’s operations in the UK, Ẹnitan has over the years with the BHM team, developed and delivered problem-solving projects and services to students, professionals, and companies, across the world.

“I am immensely proud of the work Ẹnitan has done in the past six years at BHM. In those years, she has put in the work, and the results definitely speak for themselves,” Ayeni Adekunle, Founder and CEO of BHM, said.

“At 29, Ẹnitan Kẹhinde is an emerging Public Relations powerhouse that I’m glad is at the helm of BHM’s budding business in the UK. Her brilliance, hard work, dedication and resilience is the perfect example for every young woman across the industry to emulate,” Moliehi Molekoa, Managing Director, Magna Carta and Director, BHM UK, added.

Managing Partner, Wadds Inc and Director, BHM UK, Stephen Waddington, said, “I have to recognise Ẹnitan’s drive and motivation in making everything she works on a success. Ẹnitan’s work, particularly on projects like World PR Day, kickstarted events and conversations in Africa, Australia, Europe, India, and the US. Ẹnitan is also at the forefront of building the BHM UK business, working with clients and promoting UK relations with Africa. She also finds time to support a peer group of practitioners. Having worked with her for almost two years, I can say that she is an inspiration.”

“This win is coming at a much-needed time to motivate other young women across the global PR & Communications industry who are feeling more marginalised now than ever,” Maja Pawinska Sims, Associate editor, EMEA, PRovoke Media, added.

Ẹnitan joined BHM in January of 2016 as an intern, after studying Public Relations at Sheffield Hallam University. She worked her way up to become a Lead Consultant, advising multinational clients like Heineken and Coca-Cola and leading a team of consultants across corporate communications and brand PR.

“It’s an honour to receive this award, especially at a very crucial time in my career, leading a business that seeks to help organisations in the United Kingdom and Africa communicate for impact. I am grateful for a journey that avails me with opportunities to not only build platforms and tools but to also support the growth of other exceptional PR and communications professionals, and that in itself is very rewarding”, Ẹnitan said.

The Young Changemakers’ Award was put together by PRovoke Media in partnership with WE Communications to recognize and celebrate diverse young communicators who identify as women. The award celebrates the next generation of communications leaders, helps launch the careers of up-and-comers and creates better equity and more opportunities for those in marginalized groups.

“This award is about the chance to create that change and give those kinds of opportunities to people who may not have had them ever before — people who are brave enough really to shout out what all of us here in this room could do better to move the industry forward in bold and new directions,” said Melissa Waggener Zorkin, WE global CEO.




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