BHM Releases The Second Edition of “The Concept of Virality”

BHM today announced the release of “The Concept of Virality 2020”, a research report compiled by the company’s Research & Intelligence team. The report analyzes the relationship between trends, social networking platforms and user-generated content.

The maiden edition of the report which was released in 2016, highlighted the story of Nigerian hawker-turned-model Olajumoke Orisaguna as a case study. In this edition, the research explores virality within the context of social media challenges such as the Don’t Rush Challenge which amassed over 767 million views on Instagram and over 651,000 videos on Instagram. The report reveals how celebrities such as Falz, DJ Cuppy, Cardi B, Pharell Williams and veterans like Kanayo O Kanayo and Olu Jacobs are driving virality through social media challenges.

“Following our new realities, the concept of virality definitely deserves some revisiting.” said Ayeni Adekunle, BHM Group’s Founder and CEO. “We believe that the communications landscape is constantly evolving and the knowledge gained through this report will significantly improve campaign strategies. Initiatives like these move the continent forward towards building a growth-led and sustainable communications sector,” he added.

The report is specifically designed for marketing communications professionals, brand managers and content teams. It is dedicated to helping the next generation of innovative thinkers develop a deep understanding of the role of social media platforms, celebrities and timing in creating viral trends.

The report combines top-level research with the sophisticated knowledge BHM has amassed over a decade of working with brands.

The Concept Of Virality Report 2020 is now available for downloads on the BHM website, Amazon and iTunes.



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