David Jones, Huwa Okoyomoh, and Oreoluwa Macaulay Perform at ASAP Drug Convos

Music, art, and the act of creativity have become vehicles through which people share their deepest thoughts and concerns about societal issues ranging from bad governance to domestic violence, rape, and even drug abuse.

Aside from the medical professionals who enlightened young people on drug abuse and how addicts can get help, this year’s ASAP Drug Convos which was held on Thursday, June 23, 2022, featured beautiful creative performances that kicked against drug abuse in the most entertaining manner.

David Jones David, an actor, singer, and avid anti-drug abuse campaigner who uses his music to spread awareness against substance abuse performed his singles, ‘Onye Ara’, ‘Don’t Do Drugs’, ‘Simba’ and ‘Hello Doctor.’ During his session on the Twitter Spaces, themed, ‘Let’s Talk Drugs at the ASAP Drug Convos,’ we got to understand why he passionately uses his music to advocate against drug abuse. According to him, he wanted to change the narrative that creatives must be intoxicated to create great art.

‘Just a Taste’ was another brilliant performance done by Spoken Word Poet, Huwa Okoyomoh as she took us through an imaginative journey of the slippery slope of substance addiction. There was a moment of silence after her chant as the moderators enjoined the audience to absorb the words we had just enjoyed.

To wrap up the conversations, Spoken Word Artist, Oreoluwa Macaulay, performed a powerful piece titled, ‘Giving Up My Life to Save Another.’ The piece which she voice acted, chronicled the life of an addict with the hope that the character’s story dissuades others from the same mistake.

The ASAP Drug Convos was anchored by well-known Twitter Personalities, Toyosi Godwin and Aunty Ada.

ASAP Drug Convos is an activity of MTN Foundation’s Anti-Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP), an annual intervention committed to significantly reducing the rate of drug abuse among Nigerian youths.

If you missed it, you can still listen to ASAP Drug Convos 2022 here.

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