Tech PR Firm, Phyllion Set To Hold First Of Its Kind Tech Conference Online

First of its kind in the Public Relations Space, Phyllion Tech PR Conference is a convergence of players in the technology and communications ecosystem. It aims to chart the future of African tech through conversations from key leaders and players within these sectors on how businesses now and in the future can leverage technology to drive transformation in Africa.

Themed “Embracing Technology Transformation in Africa, What Next,” this event is slated for Friday, July 17, 2020. It already boasts of a robust panel of speakers from communications and tech sectors alike. This event is one to look out for, registrations have already begun on the event website while download link to a mobile app will be shared with attendees upon registration to foster networking and upgraded virtual event experience.

The conference has a simple agenda phased into three sessions; the general, panel, and pitch session. The Pitch session happens to be another high point of the day, this is because of the potential of start-ups getting an opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges for a chance to win an investor or investment. This session further buttresses why the Phyllion Tech Conference is a rare and commendable online conference. It was indeed carefully thought through to ensure attendees get value for their time and it bridges the gap between the start-up and the investment community.

It comes on the heels of the enduring disruptive technology which have impacted business operations in this period of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has greatly altered the way things are done, with a change in the definition of normal.

Founder Phyllion & Partners, a Tech PR consulting firm in Lagos, Temi Ophylia Ibekwe, said the tech panel discussion is aimed at re-awakening the consciousness of African business owners, tech ecosystem, and government to the realities of our time, and how stakeholders can leverage technology to survive and thrive.

She affirmed that the importance of this conference is to bring industry leaders, thought-leaders, key influencers, and major stakeholders together to discuss the future of technology in Africa. “There is a need for massive sensitization, birthing a necessity for discussions about embracing modern technologies in Africa,” Ibekwe stated.

Temi Ibekwe also pointed out that as businesses are adjusting to the new realities of operations, the opportunity presents itself for businesses in Nigeria and Africa at large to leverage Technology to their advantage and create a future that is beneficial to our economy.

She said the situation has paved way for technological powerhouses now to re-think their strategies and effecting immediate changes to remain on top, thus marking a revolution not only for affordability and accessibility but that of increasing demand for adequate exploitation for maximum productivity.

The situation depicts that one of the great advantages the continent has over others in riding the disruptive wave of technology is that there is far less legacy to get in the way than in other regions, creating a clean sheet on which companies can develop their distinctive models. All these are pointers to the fact that Africa would now be positioned as an increasingly attractive environment for global business entry and investment.

The goal of public relations in the tech sector like in any other sector is that of an enabler. The Phyllion Tech Conference presents a platform for communication to enable technology transformation in Africa through impact-driven conversations and actions.




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Official Medium page for BHM, a global media and public relations agency operating from Lagos, Nigeria. Since Nov 7, 2006. We put people before profit.

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