The Scholarship Grant That’s Saving Young Nigerians

A recipient of the MTN Foundation Scholarship Scheme

Dara (real name withheld) was exhausted. Since primary 3, paying the tuition for each term was a struggle for her family. She was tired of begging, tired of the odd jobs and having to help another ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ wash anything, only to hear “I will send your mother something…”

That day she had just gained admission to YABA Tech to study Business Administration and Management, and she was at the “praying and fasting point”, yet again! The washing and cleaning had turned to mischievous winks from ‘uncles’, the usual hustle of helping out with her mother’s wares. All she needed was N30,000! The last straw was watching Uncle Demola ask her what she wanted to give in exchange for N50,000. She hissed and walked out of his apartment. She vowed this wouldn’t happen again.

Somehow, her friends helped, and she hobbled financially into the 2nd year with a 4.3 CGPA. Another series of prayers began…. She explored various scholarship opportunities and then she tried the MTN Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme(STSS).

The crowd she saw on the day of the screening test, gave her a headache that went all the way to her feet. You can imagine the way she screamed when she found out she got the scholarship! Her only living sibling was grinning at the back of the hall the day of the award ceremony! She wanted to shout, “See eeeeeeeehn!” Like her, millions of young Nigerians are searching for ways to make schooling easier. With the high cost of living, things have gotten tougher. Then the pandemic has added salt to the injury. Thankfully, there are ways to go about that.

On Monday, June 15, 2020, MTN Nigeria began the call-for-application for its scholarship schemes — Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme(STSS) and Scholarship Scheme for Blind Students (SSBS) and all eligible Nigerians can apply. Over 3,800 students have received scholarship grants in the past ten years, and now more young people can increase that number. If you know any young Nigerian who fits the criteria, let them know — click here. Spread the word, you can help someone from a world of pain, or just make somebody happy. To all the uncles that cannot help in peace… Hmmmn



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